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SDSU Daily Aztec Alumnus Lalo Alcaraz

Creator of a successful (and political) nationally syndicated comic strip, a finalist for Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoons this year, awards from Journalism and Latino groups, a career in Hollywood, and other activities (he has been known to take on the rich and powerful). Lalo Alcaraz is a famous alumnus of San Diego State University.

“I got the feeling growing up that San Diego had its back to Mexico, that they were in denial that this is the most traveled and busiest border crossing in the world,” Alcaraz said. “It’s not hard to believe that, but I always felt like San Diego was kind of embarrassed to be next to Mexico. Growing up Mexican-American is the same thing.“

Now, Alcaraz uses his art to promote Mexican culture…

Lalo Alcaraz’s cartoon career began at The Daily Aztec in 1984.

Lalo about the above:

Here’s one of those cartoons I drew back in college for the SDSU Daily Aztec about 80s drunken frat boy rape culture.


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