Phil Hands on Gannett Furlough; Bruce Plante Too?

Phil Hands and the Wisconsin State Journal have announced that Phil is on furlough this week.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Phil Hands will be on furlough this week, but you can get caught up with his recent editorial cartoons in this gallery.

From Phil’s Twitter feed:

I’m taking a week of furlough and won’t be drawing any political cartoons for the @WiStateJournal.

All of us at the State Journal are making sacrifices to save the newspaper that we love. You can help too. If you’re not a subscriber, please become one.…


Phil joins other Gannett cartoonists Adam Zyglis and David Fitzsimmons (and all Gannett journalists) taking two-week furloughs. Leaving Jeff Koterba and Bruce Plante the last two Gannett cartoonists to schedule their furloughs. Or does it?

Over at the Tulsa World the last Bruce Plante cartoon posted was May 11, leading me to think that Bruce has begun his furlough.

While this is upsetting, we should be thankful Gannett is forcing them to take a two-week furlough and not eliminating the positions to go strictly syndicated, as so many others have done over the years.


One thought on “Phil Hands on Gannett Furlough; Bruce Plante Too?

  1. Ugh. Most of these cartoonists don’t work for Gannett papers. The Buffa News is owned by BH. The papers in Omaha, Tulsa, and Wisconsin are all Lee. Maybe your researcher was furloughed.

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