Adam Zyglis Takes Furlough from Buffalo News

Earlier this year Lee Enterprises bought The Buffalo News and the BH Group. That purchase became final in mid-March 2020, two weeks later Lee Enterprises announced there would be a series of pay cuts, lay-offs, and furloughs across its chain. Yesterday it hit home as The Buffalo News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Adam Zyglis announced he was taking a two week furlough.

Starting today, I’ll be taking a 2 week furlough from work and going dark on this forum. Every journalist at The News is being hit with this, because of the COVID shutdown. If you support my work or the important journalism of my colleagues, subscribe now:

With his announcement Adam included a statement from the Buffalo Newspaper Guild about their agreement with Lee Enterprises.

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It is not just affecting Adam, but all Buffalo News journalists.
And, eventually, all Lee Enterprises employees.
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2 thoughts on “Adam Zyglis Takes Furlough from Buffalo News

  1. While Mr Zyglus is a talented artist his editorial work and the Buffalo News suffers from the typical leftist ideology many newspapers suffer from. While the city is very left wing the bulk of the readers (who are outside the city) are not.

    The Buffalo News is basically an opinion piece every day and reports little in the news. Funny how this site used an immigration piece to demonstrate his work. If it were not for resettlement programs the population of the region would be decreasing at an alarming rate. Also, these same people immigrants Mr Zyglus celebrates, whom the county cam are not a drain on the taxpayer have nearly 100% all received assistance from taxpayer social programs (food stamps, welfare, section 8). Funny how Mt Zyglus never pointed that out.

    While I wish Mr Zyglus the best the News is better off without him.

  2. I too hope it’s temporary. Adam Zyglis is one of my favorite cartoonists. Even his locally oriented cartoons are excellent to me, even though I live nearly as far away from Buffalo as a USA place can be.

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