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Billy Ireland Museum Looking for Help to Identify Anime Cels

Caitlin McGurk over at Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is asking for help to identify the source of some Anime cels in their collection.

From the Ireland site:

Anime fans, now’s your time to shine! Within our International Museum of Cartoon Art Collection, we have a number of unidentified cels and animation drawings from what we believe to be Japanese animation from the 1990s.

We are turning to the expert fans out there to help us identify titlecharacter namesdate, and creators for the pieces below. It is likely that many are from the same show or film. We have grouped some together where we believe that may be the case, but would love know the names of each character shown.

If you are able to identify any of the above information for us on the pieces below, please leave a comment and indicate which piece by the number indicated in the caption.

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