N.Y. Times Covers Funny Pages’ Approach to Pandemic

In today’s Art & Design section, The New York Times talks with six syndicated cartoonist about their approach to using Covid-19  in their work.

Reporter Gavin Edwards spoke with Mark Tatulli, Ray Billingsley, Bill Hinds, Tony Carrillo, Lalo Alcaraz and Stephan Pastis.

From the piece:

Unlike internet cartoonists, who can respond immediately to current events, creators of daily newspaper strips work about two weeks in advance, sometimes longer. And there can be many motivations for artists to exercise caution, from not knowing how to adjust a lighthearted formula to not wanting to trivialize a widespread tragedy. But in recent weeks, when a handful of daily newspaper cartoonists began running strips inspired by the coronavirus, it felt unusually vibrant and immediate; we spoke with six of them.