Bob Weber Retires Moose Miller

Updating the earlier Moose and Molly post.

It seems a certainty that Bob Weber has ended his Moose and Molly comic strip.

Moose and Molly
by Bob Weber
dailies: September 20, 1965 – March 28, 2020
Sundays: September 26, 1965 – April 5, 2020
King Features Syndicate

[titled “Moose” September, 1965 – May, 1971
titled “Moose Miller” May, 1971 – October 1998
titled “Moose and Molly” October, 1998 – April, 2020]

Comics Kingdom is continuing to run daily strips from the past,
I am uncertain if those strips are being offered for print syndication.

The start dates and title changes from KFS’ celebration of Moose’s 50th anniversary.

*The daily end date comes from the Harrisburg Patriot News which, beginning the week of March 30, started running a notice that the strip was discontinued by the cartoonist, not the newspaper.
(hat tip: Craig Nye)

above: the first Moose daily; below: the last daily Moose and Molly strip

above: the first Sunday Moose strip; below: the last Sunday Moose and Molly strip




Six years ago, Spring 2014, Bob Weber, Sr.’s signature and byline began appearing on Bob Weber, Jr.’s Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids. As far as is known Bob Sr. continues that partnership with his son.

We salute and thank Bob for 55 years of Bigfoot Funnies!



update: Rick Marschall strolls down Memory Lane with Bob.

7 thoughts on “Bob Weber Retires Moose Miller

  1. Well, heck. I remember when the strip debuted in our paper, and now that was 55 years ago.

    By cracky.

    Anyway, the best to him, and thanks for all the laffs.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Moose for years and years! Sorry to read this, but I wish Bob the very best in his well-earned retirement. Thank you for so many years of laughter!

  3. Sad to hear. Been reading it forever and loved the art style and the warm humor. Best of luck!

  4. Moose (Miller) and Molly join 2 other newspaper comic strips to end their runs: Ask Shagg and The Pajama Diaries.

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