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Moose and Molly – No More Sundays … Dailies?

After nearly 55 years Bob Weber is taking weekends off.
The last Sunday Moose and Molly appeared April 5, 2020.

The first Moose and Molly Sunday strip appeared September 26, 1965 (below).

The strip itself debuted on September 20, 1965 as ” Moose.”

above: the first Moose comic strip starring “Moose Buttons”

Mark Johnson tells us it was retitled “Moose Miller” from May, 1971 – October, 1998,
when it became the current “Moose and Molly.”

As for the dailies they continue to run on Comics Kingdom.


Are they new or rerun? All comic strips owned by King Features Syndicate that are in rerun status are copyrighted for the current year (e.g.: Popeye, Flash Gordon, Tiger, etc.). I have put some feelers out, but it being the Good Friday/Easter holiday weekend I didn’t really expect a quick reply. Any response/news about the daily status will be passed on here.


Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 4:58 am

Is Bob Weber’s son Bob Junior still working on Slylock Fox?

#2 Kip Williams
@ 1:10 pm

Seems to be. Signature says both of them, but you know how signatures can be.

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