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Let’s Talk About Rip Haywire and the Fight Club


There have been some classic comic strip battles.

and, of course, Captain Easy:      


I think Rip Haywire versus The Gross Woods Monster is a contender.
After countless fights Rip seems to have met his match.

The story starts two month ago when

Which, naturally, leads to

(Normally I would direct you to Joseph Nebus’ “What’s Going On In…” blog, but for some reason he doesn’t include this action/adventure comic in the rotation of his story strip updates. So…)

A search party is formed, as are misunderstandings

In jail Rip gets his first whiff of The Woods Monster

So the search party disappears with the still lost Dicey,
escaping from jail RJ soon goes missing in Blood-Curdling Pass.
yadda, yadda, yadda.

Rip gets an ally who warns him of the Monster

Rip and Squirrelly encounter some difficulties trying to find The Lost Ones,
but soon enough Rip comes upon and avoids The Monster (to save Squirrelly).

Rip finally faces what may be his fiercest foe.
But Rip doesn’t have a Singing Sword to help. And if you thought Ming was merciless…

Rip, for the first time, is humbled

But Rip escapes and finds the lost group. Though…

The Monster returns and…

Well I don’t know.

There doesn’t seem to be a Whiffle Hen to help Rip heal,
but I’m still wanting to see him and the monster face off again.

Tune in Tomorrow! Same Rip time … same Rip station.
For the conclusion(?) of a fight that will go down in the annals of comic strip history.

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