Luckovich’s BYEDON, a Viral and Veritable Bonanza

The inspiration struck Mike Luckovich in the middle of the night with a rare clarity.

Hours earlier, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution political cartoonist had been watching the Super Tuesday results roll in, as former vice president Joe Biden took the delegate lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Mike Luckovich talks to Michael Cavna about his cartoon going viral and getting real.

Even our own Mike Peterson interrupted his non-political Friday Funnies column to proclaim:

Mike Luckovich‘s latest can’t wait in large part because I want him to put it on a real bumpersticker so I can put it on my real car.

Mike wasn’t the only one. From the Mike to Michael talk:

Luckovich’s wife saw an early sketch that morning and said she would love to have it as a bumper sticker.


The common reaction, [Mike] said, was: “I need a bumper sticker of this.”

The demand was deafening, and within two days the demand was met.





2 thoughts on “Luckovich’s BYEDON, a Viral and Veritable Bonanza

  1. This is great for Mike — but why couldn’t they have just used the art from the cartoon?

  2. It’s inspired, though I still think it would read faster if BYE and DON were in two different colors. I hope he sells a million of them!

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