The Secret Comics Section of The Washington Post

The Lily was the first U.S. newspaper by women. We’re bringing it back.

For all things comics in Washington DC we turn to Mike Rhode – if he don’t know, he’ll find out.
And recently he discovered a new secret area of comics from The Washington Post.

As Mike at his ComicsDC site explains:

Since about 2016! the Post has been publishing Lily Lines a biweekly newsletter for women’s issues and commissioning comics for it, starting with Katie Wheeler as the only artist. The feature isn’t dated by year, so I’m not sure at the moment when they switched to multiple cartoonists, but there’s a healthy selection of people doing strips for them.

Among the cartoonists are Shelley Couvillion, Tenzing Lhamo Dorjee, Christine Inzer, Brittany Long Olsen, Galadriel Watson, Lara Antal, Katie Wheeler, Ellen Lindner, Gemma Correll, Dabin Han, Christine Suggs, Pepita Sándwich, Bianca Xunise, Marian Blair and Lily Feinn, and Elizabeth Beier. Those are just from the past two months of a nearly four year archive.

If you missed the link to The Lily comics page in Mike’s page above, here it is again.