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Bruce Plante Ends Cartoon Caption Contest

After five years and more than 300 caption-less cartoons, Bruce Plante
and the Tulsa World have decided to end their Cartoon Caption Contest.

Bruce Plante told The Daily Cartoonist that participation from amateur gag writers in the area was not as it had been in prior years, that he could use a free day during the week, and other projects are on the horizon. From Bruce:

There are several reasons to discontinue the feature:
* I had published about 300 caption cartoons over 5 years.
* The participation had waned to a trickle.
* Also, producing 7 cartoons (caption contest included in that 7) per week was really making the quality of my cartoons suffer.
* I wanted to finally get a full weekend.
* We wanted to start a couple of new features.

The last caption contest (below) appeared January 27, with winning caption.

Winning caption – Woman #1: I was fine when he asked me to wear the #15 jersey as a nightie, but I drew the line when he asked me to style my hair like Pat Mahomes (Jonathan Schwarz)
Runner-Up – Wife: Now if they could only get Stitt to cheer for the chiefs in this state! (James Hall)


In related Bruce Plante/Kansas City Chiefs news,
Bruce is reminded that some subjects are sore spots with sports fans.


As a Kansas City-born fan of the Chiefs, I was dismayed over the unfunny cartoon about the Chiefs “finally” reaching the Super Bowl that appeared in the Jan. 20 edition.

Is editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante unaware that there are many Chiefs fans in the Tulsa area? Could he not have given some happy reference or accolade to the team’s victories and especially to its phenomenal quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, for reaching that long-sought goal?

What a bummer to pick up the paper and see their efforts depicted in such a negative manner.



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