The Oregonian Reinstates Non Sequitur

Another major paper has brought Non Sequitur back to its pages.

The Non Sequitur comic strip had quite an impressive client list before Wiley had a serious lapse of judgment about a year ago. Since that time both the cartoonist and the syndicate have apologized and, as The Oregonian notes, made assurances:

“I asked Miller for a personal assurance he would never do anything like that again,” [Oregonian Editor Therese] Bottomly said, “and I received it. Given that, I am giving him another chance.” Readers overwhelmingly wanted Non Sequitur to remain in the paper.

Miller replied: “To say that I will never do anything even remotely like that again would be the understatement of the century.” Additionally, his syndicate added layers of editing to ensure nothing untoward appears in the comic. The Oregonian’s editors do not see comics in advance because of production schedules. We rely on the syndicates for review.

Non Sequitur returns to The Oregonian in time for readers to enjoy
Harry and Meghan’s search for a North American locale to lay down their roots.


The drive by fans of the strip for their newspapers to restore the comic has never ended; and I get the feeling that editors, some being fans too, would also like the comic back on their funny pages (because it makes those pages funnier). Editors, it seems to me, put out feelers to gauge reaction to that idea, like a recent letter to the Arizona Daily Star editor:

Daily Star readers have been deprived long enough for Wiley Miller’s minor gaff. It is past time to bring back Non Sequitur!