John Romita Senior now a Senior Stripper

Happy Birthday John Romita, born January 24, 1930.
John now becomes a member of our Senior Strippers Club.

John is famous, of course, for being a premiere romance comic book artist for DC and Marvel.


John’s long comic book career saw him do everything from western heroes to super heroes.


He even managed to find time for comic strips, including, arguably, the most famous space hero:

And, at a time when the common refrain was “the New York Times doesn’t carry comic strips,”
John Romita contributed a comic strip to the New York Times.

Which reminds me …
about 50 years ago John had a hand in making Spider-Man the best selling Marvel comic book.


And later John would get The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip off to a healthy start.

The Lambiek Comiclopedia’s John Romita entry has more information, while
cartoonist Jim Keefe gives a fan’s appreciation of the Great Romita thru a number of posts.
Hat tip to Grand Comics Database for comic book covers.

Below: what may be John’s most famous comic book panel.

We sure hit the jackpot growing up with John’s comic art!