David Horsey Gets Full-Page Seattle Times Cartoon

The Seattle Times, taking a page from their past

A few years ago, when The Seattle Times was relocating from its old building on Fairview Avenue North and John Street, a pile of old editorial cartoons landed in my new Denny Way office. The artist, Sam Groff, who worked for The Seattle Times from 1935 to around 1950, left a trove of cartoons that now serve as a window into those times. A weekly “Dear Joe” cartoon during World War II depicted life in Seattle; his cartoons about the efforts to build a winning Seattle Rainiers team and his perspective on collegiate football rivalries are fun to see.

The cartoon that really got my attention was of a Christmas tree, where Groff was imagining what several prominent Seattle coaches and leaders from the 1930s might want for Christmas.

gave David Horsey a full-page to honor 2019 Seattle standouts:

Don’t despair at the shenanigans in the other Washington. This Washington has benefited richly from the contributions of many people either through sustained public service or poignant actions that make us all better.

Once again, The Seattle Times editorial board is celebrating real givers in our community — people who have improved our quality of life, or even just our mood — through generosity, commitment to public service, business or sporting accomplishments.



Bonus! A 1941 Seattle Times sports comic by Sam Groff.