“I sent him a few sketches and he liked them”

above: Specialty drawing by Ron Ferdinand

NMCV:How did you get the job working on Dennis the Menace?
Ron: I subscribed to a quarterly magazine called “Cartoonist Profiles.” In 1980, there was an interview with Hank Ketcham. He had just moved back to Monterey, CA from Geneva, Switzerland and was starting a training program. I sent him a few sketches of the characters and amazingly, he liked them.

We corresponded for a few months then he flew me out to Monterey for two weeks to see how things would go. After the two weeks he offered me a job and a month later my wife, Andrea, and I headed for our new adventures in California.

NMCV:What are your duties?
Ron: Originally, I was working on the Dennis comic book for Marvel. A year later, Hank started me on the Sunday page which I continue to do.

The North Michigan Christian Voice interviews Ron Ferdinand.