CSotD: Reality Checks

Starting out with an arc to watch. Some time ago, Adam@Home discovered he’d become a viral meme after somebody took a pic of him at the local coffee shop.

Now he’s been approached by a coffee company that wants to make him the face of their brand. Problem is, the money is irresistible but the coffee sucks.

The arc starts here. 


Toilet Humor

(Baby Blues)


(The Duplex)


(Marty Two Bulls)

I’m pretty sure the Baby Blues and Duplex gags are coincidental, both in terms of “jiggle the handle” and in terms of the President’s bizarre ramble about low-flow toilets.

Two Bulls, however, is not letting such foolishness pass unexploited. One of the great advantages of diversity on the comics page and especially the editorial cartooning spot is that minorities punch up with a type of long-practiced mockery that can be painfully insightful and funny.

Two Bulls has a particularly sharp sense of the absurd, and, of course, Dear Leader is a perfect target for that.

Though perhaps this is simply an example of Trump Math, such that the number of times you have to flush the toilet is based on the same scale as the number of people at his inauguration.


Cry Me A River

Joy of Tech notes the griping over the price of the new Mac Pro, a powerful desktop that reportedly starts at about $6k, which, yes, is a lot.

As they note, it’s intended for the professional market, and while it might be hard to get a newspaper to pick up that tab these days, there is a need and there will be a market.

And note that it’s a desktop, which nobody under 50 wants anyway.

To be fair, I use a laptop so that I can take my office with me, as in right now as I rehab at my son’s house, but it’s becoming harder to find laptops that have enough memory to load programs like InDesign and Photoshop, as the market seems to favor portability and general grooviness over power.

It’s good to see a little attention paid to the professional market that really doesn’t care if you can fold up your computer and that, at whatever price, expects a keyboard to be included.


Juxtaposition of the Day

(Ben Jennings)


(Prickly City)

An interesting juxtaposition which, from my point of view, is two people asking Santa for the same thing.

Note that Jennings is British, and the electoral hijinks over there have dominated editorial cartooning, while we’re squabbling over Democratic candidates but not focused too much on the actual election yet.

However, this one works in both countries, and the pun involving the short-term need for spare change and the long-term need for overall change is well done.

And that long-term change is needed to restore normalcy, or at least “normalcy” in the sense of our expectations and stated beliefs.

The fantasy of MAGA is that everyone lived those “normal” lives a few decades ago, which, of course, they didn’t, while the need for change is to re-orient our system so that everyone can.

Which is possible, and let’s pretend for at least one more election cycle that it can happen without pike poles and guillotines.





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  1. Who could have predicted that the real damage from all the “adults” in the White House leaving or being forced out would be that there’s nobody left with the guts to tell POTUS he’s flushing wrong.

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