Alternative Paper Annoyed at Moderate Cartoonist

Seattle’s alternative newspaper The Stranger takes exception with
David Horsey being a middle-of-the-road editorial cartoonist:

Seattle Times‘ editorial cartoonist David Horsey has it in his mind that he is the voice of good old American common sense. He never goes too far to the right, nor too far to the left. He is a moderate, and so he can see the good and bad on both sides. And so, in one cartoon, he shows how the argument for the impeachment of Donald Trump is very simple, and how the argument against it is overly complicated.

What upset The Stranger’s Charles Mudede is this recent
editorial cartoon by David and his accompanying commentary:

And some of David’s observation:

The main entrance to the King County Courthouse has been closed because there is too much risk that people will be assaulted by vagrants outside on Third Avenue. Doesn’t something about that seem a wee bit bizarre?

This center of our justice system — where lawyers, judges, jurors, police officers, witnesses and common citizens should be able to come and go freely — is under siege from a few antisocial offenders and, in super sensitive Seattle, no one can figure out what to do about it.

Writes Charles:

Yes, the situation is so bad that this center of justice—with its cops, detectives, prosecutors, judges—is “under siege.” If the law cannot do something about lawlessness, then who can? And why can’t the law do something? Because Seattle has too many “super sensitive” people.

Being sensitive is moderate. Being super sensitive is immoderate.

Charles cannot conceive of someone having liberal feelings
on some subjects and a conservative outlook on other issues:

And so this is our reasonable cartoonist. On one side, he is anti-Trump; while on the other side, he sees crime and poverty as one and the same thing. He even mocks the super sensitive solution to the problem of homelessness: “more drug treatment and mental health services.”

David is lambasted, not for being too liberal or too conservative,
but for not marching lockstep with either extreme.