A Boy and His Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson – Being for the Benefit of the Cartoon Art Museum


The Cartoon Art Museum proudly announces its second tribute auction.
This year’s theme will be A Boy and his Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson.

Starting soon on eBay, we will feature original artwork from top graphic novelists, animators, and cartoonists who have admired and drawn inspiration from Watterson’s work.

The auction will support the museum’s ongoing public programming and exhibitions. Artists have been asked to creative original work in the spirit of Watterson’s classic comic strip, drawing on thematic elements and character dynamics of Calvin & Hobbes.

These original pieces…will be sold in a series of eBay auctions leading up to a full color tribute catalog, and an exhibition at the museum early next year. Once each auction goes live, we will post an image and a reminder of each here as well.

Currently, we have pieces on hand from Harry Bliss and Steve Martin, Patrick McDonnell, Mo Willems, Lynn Johnston, Aaron Conley, Jon Way$hak, Riley Rossmo, and many more.

Above is the piece done by Brian Fies, who notes:

I understood my charge to be celebrating the comic strip “Calvin & Hobbes” in my own style without actually using those characters. Here’s what I did. It’s about 10 x 14, ink and watercolor on watercolor paper.

The Cartoon Art Museum has a page on the ComicArtFans site and
is displaying some of the contributions there, mentioning that:

We’ll keep adding more images here as they come in. The Cartoon Art Museum will publish a full-color catalog collecting all of the artwork created for this auction, as well as an exhibition featuring this artwork tentatively planned for display at the Cartoon Art Museum in early 2020.

The CGC Comics message board carries the full Cartoon Art Museum statement.



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  1. This is a timely post (and no doubt deliberately so), since 18 November is the anniversary of Calvin & Hobbes’ debut in 1985.

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