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Mike Lane 1949 – 2019

Editorial cartoonist Mike Lane has passed away.

Mike Lane was a Baltimore Evening Sun/Sun editorial cartoonist from 1972 – 2004.


Mike was an early contributor to Cagle Cartoons from 2001 – 2009.


Mike’s cartoons were timely, and they reflected the gifts in his hand, his heart and his brain — his artistic talent, his humanity and his fierce, nurtured sense of right and wrong, all of them working together at the drafting board to produce a witty, often stinging take on a news story, a controversy or political development. Sometimes his subjects were local, sometimes national or international. They were almost always provocative and often hilarious, and sometimes word reached the newsroom about a politician or business owner, or perhaps a posse of Evening Sun readers, who had taken great offense at a Lane cartoon and taken the matter up with the publisher.

Mike was a modest, quiet, deeply moral man with a razor-sharp sense of humor, and, while sad at his passing, I feel lucky to have called him colleague.

Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks breaks the news and remembers.

The Mike Lane archive at Cagle Cartoons.



A proper obituary as details emerge.

Community Comments

#1 neson dewey
@ 1:39 pm

Would Mike have also drawn the “Good Guys” strip a few decades ago?

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 2:49 pm

“Vic Flint” began in 1946 and was drawn by NEA stalwart Ralph Lane until 1950. In 1965 the strip was retitled “The Good Guys” and Ralph’s son John Lane, in the 1960s also an NEA cartoonist, drew the strip from then until its 1967 end. As far as I know Mike Lane is no relation to the Good Guys’ Ohio Lanes.

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