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Origins of an Ed-Op Cartoonist – Marshall Ramsey

Marshall Ramsey began his career at the University of Tennessee Daily Beacon (sample above).

His post-college career led him first to Pope High School in Georgia, where he was a janitor who rolled around a barrel with his diploma attached.

After a six-month “pity party” and a Sunday sermon about the parable of the talents, Ramsey decided to take charge of his life and enrolled in art classes at Kennesaw College. While at Kennesaw, Ramsey produced cartoons for the student newspaper, and won the “Heisman Trophy of Political Cartoonists:” the John Locher Memorial Award.

His time at Pope High School paid off when a woman he worked with recommended him for a position with the local paper in Marietta and when another set him up with his now-wife of 26 years…

From Marietta, Ramsey took a position in Texas, where he got back to his roots…

After two years in Texas, Ramsey moved to San Diego, where he was the creative director. From there, Ramsey went back to the South, where he spent 23 years at the Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi, which is a part of the USA-Today Network.


In 2018 Marshall drew what may be his most famous cartoon:

Marshall’s Barbara Bush tribute went viral.

Later, that same year, he would be let go from the Clarion Ledger.

“That turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so grateful that they did that to me, Ramsey said. “I will always be grateful to Gannett for cutting my pay and making me get out and hustle.”

Read all about it as Marshall goes back home again as the Daily Beacon
interviews him for a profile of an alumni-made-good article.

above: Drawing The Line


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