Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh’s Candy Man

In Western Pennsylvania, Yinzer and Jagoff are terms of endearment. Saying “dahntahn” is as much a beloved tradition as putting fries on your sammich or waving a yellow towel! That’s why Pittsburgh radio personalities Jim Krenn and Larry Richert have teamed up with cartoonist Rob Rogers to create Yinzer Cards as a way of celebrating the city they love.

That was last year when Rob Rogers and partners created a greeting card line for Pittsburgh, Pa. that now covers many holidays. Recently they have expanded to chocolate bars with, like their greeting cards, a Pittburgh essence, as the chocolate bar wrappers are illustrated by cartoonist Rob Rogers.

The wrappers’ funny sketches and humorous expressions pay tribute to downtown Pittsburgh’s skyline, its City of Champions designation and the Immaculate Reception Steelers’ fans will forever brag about.

One shows Mt. Washington’s Incline with PPG Place and other Downtown buildings visible and reads, “Inclined to satisfy your sweet tooth!”

Another shows Franco Harris, wearing his number 32 Steelers’ jersey, making that improbable play in 1972 and reads “The immaculate confection!”

A third declares the bar “The chocolate of champions!,” with a male yinzer exclaiming “Yinz gahtta try dis!” while his female counterpart adds “Mmm.”

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has the story.

And just as the proceeds of Yinzer Cards benefits Animal Friends, the proceeds from Yinzer Bars will benefit Spenser’s Voice Fund, a non-profit organization working to curb the drug epidemic in young adults.