Political Party Steals deAdder’s Political Cartoon

Cartoonist Michael de Adder called out third-party political group Canada Strong and Proud for using his cartoon in an online advertisement without his permission.

In a tweet, he wrote “my cartoon is being used for a political ad. WTF! That takes a lot of nerve.” He added “I want (it) taken down, and I want compensation.”



CTV News reports:

The freelance political cartoonist told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview that the group had taken his cartoon “completely without my permission.”

“I don’t mind Canadians sharing it — and I actually don’t mind MPs sharing them — it’s a little different in an election though,” he said, explaining it’s an issue “when it’s a paid advertisement or second-party use of my work.”

When the political group formed earlier this year CTV’s report mentioned that…

Canada Strong and Proud is one of 26 organizations — so far — that will be spending money [emphasis added] on advertisements or other political activity in the coming months.

Apparently they don’t intend to spend money on copyrighted intellectual property.


In other Michael deAdder news:

Michael is a part of the Counterpoint group; where, free of concerns about editorial timidity, the cartoonists can really cut to the bone. Earlier this week Michael’s offering was one of several that caused me to utter “Whoa!” out loud.