Updating some recent posts.


The Knight Life Ends.

Keith Knight uses The K Chronicles to confirm the ending of The Knight Life.


The Knight Life Still Runs

Above is The Knight Life running in this weekend’s Stars and Stripes newspaper. It is a repeat of the first 2019 Sunday strip. I don’t know if other papers will also do this. It strikes me as odd, since Stars and Stripes has been running a notice of a comics poll for quite some time.

That notice has replaced Tank McNamara in the comics section. I was thinking Tank would return, taking The Knight Life’s spot. Were they taken unawares?



Hey Kids! Comics!

Forgot to list Sandra’s new book in my September list. (Picked up a copy yesterday.)



Lee Salem – RIP

A month later, Mr. Trudeau mocked Frank Sinatra’s alleged ties to organized crime and had him, in one strip, threatening a casino blackjack dealer if she shuffled the cards before dealing. Through his lawyer, Mickey Rudin, Sinatra demanded a retraction.

When Garry Trudeau satirized Frank Sinatra (whom he called “Dr. Sinatra” because he had recently received an honorary doctorate) in “Doonesbury,” Sinatra’s lawyer demanded a retraction. Mr. Salem refused.

“Lee called me up and said in that calm, steady voice of his, ‘Rudin says you got a lot of the facts wrong,’” Mr. Trudeau said in a eulogy delivered at Mr. Salem’s memorial service. “And I replied: ‘Of course I got a lot of the facts wrong. I made them up.’”

So, Mr. Trudeau added, “Lee directed the syndicate’s counsel to send a one-sentence reply stating the obvious: that the strip was covered by the First Amendment. Rudin stood down.”

The New York Times obituary for Lee.



Hey Kids! Comics!

September’s largest comics print run, and I didn’t list it!



Friday Foster Returns

Friday’s recent appearance in Dick Tracy leads Mark Carlson-Ghost to detail the original.



Hey Kids! Comics!

Hot off the press! BICLM will drop *its very own* first comic book at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus – CXC next week for our donors and friends! Check out “Bill Blackbeard: The Collector Who Rescued The Comics” written by Jenny E. Robb and illustrated by Alec Longstreth. A collectors item, about a collector, for those who support our collection!

I didn’t forget. I just learned about this soon to be rare collectible.



2020 Reubens

The National Cartoonists Society confirms the time and place of next year’s Reuben Weekend.