Stars and Stripes Sunday Comics Survey

Do You Enjoy Comics?
Stars and Stripes is considering changes to its
Sunday Comics lineup, and they want your help. Let
us know which strips you like (or don’t like), as well
as comics you might like to see in the future.

Stars and Stripes, a tabloid newspaper distributed to American military forces around the world,
is looking to make some changes to its Sunday Funnies section.

The current lineup of their eight page Sunday Color Comics Supplement is
Beetle Bailey, Doonesbury, Zits, Candorville, Dilbert, The Other Coast,
Baby Blues, Baldo, Carpe Diem, Pardon My Planet, The Knight Life,
Pearls Before Swine, B.C., Over The Hedge, Speed Bump, Strange Brew,
Frazz, Garfield, Red and Rover, Tank McNamara, Fort Knox, Jump Start,
and Prickly City. Tank McNamara is currently replaced by the survey notice.

Below is the May 17, 2019 weekend section (weekend section is released and dated Fridays).
The section, including the notice, remains the same for this (May 24) weekend.


As noted it is only the Sunday Comics they are intending to alter.

Below is a recent sample of their daily comics page.


Not to be forgotten is Gunston St. by Basil Zavisky.
This weekly strip appears on the Stars and Stripes weekend edition crossword page.