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Mike beat me to the famous Walt Kelly phrase,
but here are a few examples of Churchy’s paraskevidekatriaphobia.


An early superstition strip:



A week of Pogo and a weak Churchy:


Whistling past the graveyard.




More of the wonderful Walt Kelly at
Thomas Haller Buchanan’s Pogo in Pandemonia and Whirled of Kelly
and Fantagraphics’ Complete Syndicated Pogo by Walt Kelly.




Community Comments

#1 Mark Stacy
@ 10:00 am

“THE TRUMP OF DOOM” (Pogo, 8/11/65) has a whole different meaning these days, don’ it?

#2 Brian Fies
@ 11:42 am

Thanks for these, I always loved Kelly’s take on Friday the 13th– especially if it fell on some other day than Friday!

I’m especially happy to see the 1965 “Trump of Doom” strip, since I happen to have the original hanging on my wall! What a terrific coincidence!

For my money, Walt Kelly is one of the All Time Top Three, and there are a lot of days I’d name him Number One.

#3 Brad Walker
@ 12:06 pm

At least Buckles is keeping the ol’ Churchy spirit alive… Check out today’s strip.

#4 Mike Peterson
@ 1:56 pm

And if that don’t give you the mary-hoo-ha, this here Friday the thirteen has got itself a full moon.

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