Mike beat me to the famous Walt Kelly phrase,
but here are a few examples of Churchy’s paraskevidekatriaphobia.


An early superstition strip:



A week of Pogo and a weak Churchy:


Whistling past the graveyard.




More of the wonderful Walt Kelly at
Thomas Haller Buchanan’s Pogo in Pandemonia and Whirled of Kelly
and Fantagraphics’ Complete Syndicated Pogo by Walt Kelly.




4 thoughts on “YEOWK!

  1. Thanks for these, I always loved Kelly’s take on Friday the 13th– especially if it fell on some other day than Friday!

    I’m especially happy to see the 1965 “Trump of Doom” strip, since I happen to have the original hanging on my wall! What a terrific coincidence!

    For my money, Walt Kelly is one of the All Time Top Three, and there are a lot of days I’d name him Number One.

  2. And if that don’t give you the mary-hoo-ha, this here Friday the thirteen has got itself a full moon.

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