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The Far Side Web Site is Updated with New Art and a ‘Coming Soon’ Notice

From the site:

Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of The Far Side is coming!

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 6:02 pm

A reboot of The Far Side online and not for newspapers?

#2 Chris Slater
@ 12:39 pm

Can’t wait!

#3 Jean renn
@ 11:08 am

Welcome back. You were missed, and we need you now more. Than ever!

#4 Chris Magro
@ 3:29 pm

Jumping for Joy !!!

#5 Linda Stiles
@ 6:31 pm

Life has been somewhat bleak without a daily dose of Larson’s genius comedy. Beyond happy that the return is being considered….please, please, please!!!

#6 Christine Macdonald
@ 8:43 pm

This would be the best need I’ve heard all day!
If my coworkers had any idea how often I think of day to day drama and chaos in Far Side???…(yes, I do consider Far Side a form of thought process, especially in relation to work?)

#7 AmazedHuman
@ 7:30 am

Return of The Far Side? Best news I’ve heard lately. Finding it difficult to find things to laugh about lately. Our world is being bombarded by bullies these days. We can use all the laughs we can get.

#8 Robert Twente
@ 8:54 am

In a day and age when the whole world has been transformed into a Far Side cartoon, we need the actual cartoons more than ever! Thank you!

#9 Donna Nicholas
@ 2:13 pm

As the daughter of a cartoonist, I am rather selective about whom is worth seeing.
Gary Larson is one of the few who consistently turns out genuinely original and funny cartoons.

#10 Charles Laquidara
@ 12:43 am

Is there any way to see the cartoon which everyone is talking about? The cartoon of chipping ice and the possibility or a Larson return?

#11 Charles Laquidara
@ 12:44 am

Can’t wait!

#12 Herb Etheridge
@ 9:46 am

How about Hillary coming back into the fight for President?

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