Swear Words, Party Tricks, and Jokes About Balls


While a mix of creativity and comics might suggest a family-friendly atmosphere — and as always, that depends on the family — Tuesday’s appearance by writer, illustrator, playwright and editor Lynda Barry might not be for more delicate tastes.

In a statement that ponders why people crave art, Barry concludes with “Please note: There will be swear words, party tricks, and jokes about balls.”

“What It Is: A Talk on Creativity” by Lynda Barry,” will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday [September 17, 2019] in the Bama Theatre.

So this is not your Sunday funnies, but “Ernie Pook’s Comeek,” a strip which ran for decades mostly in alternative weeklies.

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Here are more details about the Lynda Barry event.



A more family friendly lecture will be tomorrow afternoon (September 13, 2019) at the Library of Congress when Lynn Johnston “will discuss her career and artistic process while illustrating the presentation in real-time.”

The LOC provides details.