Andy Capp Gets Political about Brexit

From The Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom:

After today’s comic showed Andy Capp joining an anti-Brexit march, [The Daily Mirror] went straight to the man himself to clear up what he really thinks about the biggest issue in British politics.

Andy Capp responds:

When you live your life in a blissful boozy haze as I do, there are few things that really bother you – especially politics.
But when Jack told me beer prices might go up because of this Brex thingy it suddenly woke me from my slumber and spurred me into action.
I mean, why should Flo, and Chalkie, have to fork out more for my pints and kebabs just so we can all have blue passports and stuff?

Andy Capp’s opinion piece can be read in full at The Daily Mirror.


Note for readers in America.
The September 12 , 2019 strip can be read at The Daily Mirror’s Andy Capp page.
For newspaper readers in the U.S. it will be another week until that strip appears in papers,
or on and GoComics.


A tip of the cap … uh, wait a minute, Andy doesn’t tip his cap.
I’ll raise a pint  to Lew Stringer and Blimey for the notice.