Spokesman-Review Comic Strip Poll (part two)

Earlier this month The Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman-Review asked readers to rate the comics that currently run on their funny pages. That was part one of their comics poll. Now, they are beginning phase two:

[There are] 10 artists Spokesman-Review readers will soon put through a wringer. Beginning today – when the first batch of five comic strips are printed – readers will be asked to help select comic strips that could see permanent play in the Spokane funny pages, either daily or in Sunday circulation.

It’s a big change to a section near the back of the paper that’s looked more or less the same for eight years, said Carolyn Lamberson, the S-R’s senior editor for special projects.

“It’s been a long time since we did a survey of comic offerings,” Lamberson said. “We thought it was time to shake things up.”

And like any shake-up, there’s going to be some lost pieces. Online and through snail mail, readers have already been deciding what’s likely to stay, and what’s headed for the chopping block. Those remaining will be joined by any number of the 10 new comic strips.

So far, Lamberson estimates the survey has been completed a few thousand times, though it’s too early to say what’s likely to get the Old Yeller treatment.

A Brief History of the Spokesman-Review Funny Pages


The ten finalists the newspaper has picked to be eligible for addition, to be judged in a five star rating, are displayed with a brief description, creator photo, and samples. Comics to be rated are:

Rhymes With Orange
Earth To Planet
Between Friends
Nancy (sorry, no creator photo)
The Argyle Sweater
Wallace The Brave


You may be unfamiliar with Earth to Planet. It is by local cartoonist Jody Zellman and the only non-syndicated comic strip on the list. The Spokesman-Review helped familiarize its readers with the comic strip and the cartoonist in a front page story.

hat tip to Newseum for front page image.



7 thoughts on “Spokesman-Review Comic Strip Poll (part two)

  1. My favorite comics are:

    Score of ‘5’ is:
    Dilbert, Mallard Fillmore, Off the Mark, Pearls before Swine, Pickles, Tundra, Garfield, Get Fuzzy, Peanuts, Tundra, Sherman’s Lagoon ‘

    Score of ‘4’ is:
    Dennis, Doonesbury, For Better or Worse, Hagar the Horrible, Luann, Rose is Rose, Sally Forth, Zits, The Family Circus, Baldo, Foxtrot, Mort Walkers Bettle Bailey,

    I have been reading the comics for almost 80 years – thank you for asking for input. Bonnie

  2. I read the comics every Sunday, and most of the comics have to much conversation or are to confusing to take the time to read or understand, you need to get the ones like we had when we were young, ones like Henry, Calvin and Hobbs, and more of Garfield….he is absolutely the funniest one there, you know the old time cartoons that were really funny. not these that are boring and so dry you don’t want to read them. I remember when the comics were fun to read not an effort to even look at.

  3. you need to go back to the old comics like Henry, Calvin and Hobbs and more of Garfield those were the best you had and don’t make them where they take a long time to read that is what makes them boring and confusing keep them simple and with a lot of every day humor about things kids and pets do and the trouble they get in, like family affair, that is the kind of humor the people like and can laugh at.

  4. please get comics like Henry, Calvin and Hobbs, fmily affair back in the comics very very funny

  5. I am so delighted that wiley miller is back! He is the very best! And now I implore you to keep Will Henry’s strip, These two artists are so very clever and illustrate wonderfully.

  6. Sorry, I don’t care for any of the new cartoons. I do have some favorites in the old ones but I didn’t get my vote in.

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