Bizarro’s Sunday Punnies Return – You Can Help

Dan Piraro makes an announcement:

A while back and for a number of years, I used to do a feature called Bizarro’s Sunday Punnies and here’s how it worked: About once a month, I’d do a Sunday cartoon with three panels, each of which was my illustrated version of a pun submitted by readers. (See example below above) I’m thinking of reviving it so if you’ve got a pun that you’ve been aching to see drawn by a somewhat professional cartoonist like myself, send it to me!

There are rules for submissions, but…

The rules are simple:

1) It must be your original idea, not something you heard or saw somewhere.

b) By submitting, you agree that you are donating the idea forever and will not receive compensation other than seeing your name (or a phony name of your choice) at the bottom of the panel.

Details on how to submit at Dan’s place.



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