National Cartoonists Society Popeye Auction

The National Cartoonists Society is celebrating Popeye‘s 90th year (and Olive Oyl‘s 100th) by auctioning off a number of specialty drawings and other art and comic books for the benefit of the National Cartoonist Society Foundation.

The National Cartoonists Society is celebrating the jubilees of these two beloved comic strip and cartoon characters with an auction of original artwork by its members that will benefit the NCS Foundation.

Earlier this year, in the days leading up to the inaugural NCSFest in Huntington Beach, California, NCS members were asked to create original works of art in tribute to Popeye and his cast of characters for a special group exhibition at the Huntington Beach Art Center. The response was overwhelming and the exhibit was one of the highlights of the festival. Members were also asked if they would be willing to donate their original art for this special auction.

above: Ray Alma


Proceeds from the winning bids in this special auction will go to the NCS Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charity that works in tandem with the National Cartoonists Society to advance the ideals and standards of the cartooning profession, to stimulate and encourage aspiring cartoonists through scholarships and educational programs, and to provide financial assistance to cartoonists and their families in times of hardship.

The auction will be conducted online through Heritage Auctions from September 1-8. The more than 70 artworks may be viewed soon at Heritage Auctions, and interested buyers may also register to bid there.

Details, including selected artwork, are at the NCS website.

above: G. B. Trudeau


The list on the poster above lists some of the cartoonists. Go to the Heritage Auctions page to see more contributing cartoonists and a character list – word on the street is that more art is being added. (The images are not yet up on the page at this writing.)

[I don’t mean to be impolite to all the other cartoonists but, I really can’t wait to see the
Angelo Torres piece. It’s been way too long since saw new art by that master!]