Bastille Day Sunday Funnies


Some Sunday comics of note today, only one noting Bastille Day.



I like the nice Summer day look of Judge Parker

but that dark last panel … Evil looms!



Whereas Macanudo’s Summer day in the woods just makes me smile.



More than smile, Buckles and Bound and Gagged made me laugh.

Yeah. one’s been done before and the other is a pun. But I liked ’em.



With MAD gone it’s up to Retail to supply us with Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.



What are the chances that Prickly City would have such great timing?

These days probably better than 50%.
But going after a girl of color, timed with this morning’s tweets, seemed especially appropriate.



After going years without cable tv, I recently reconnected the satellite dish.

Doonesbury doesn’t strike me as that far of a leap.



Sherman’s Lagoon and Animal Crackers and toilet humor.

I thought Animal Crackers was going somewhere else, leading to a gross out last panel.



I grew up in that environment (it’s 100°F out right now)

so I can’t buy into Red and Rover with that cool lush lawn right there.



So Dinny wasn’t the first.

Alley Oop has a history of being befriended by dinosaurs.



Spider-Man, Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man catches thieves just like flies, and Mysterio has been caught. This next week will bring an end to the Mysterio reprints from 2015. Now what? If next Sunday’s Spider-man strip introduces Hobgoblin. that will mean a six month storyline putting us into 2020 before new Spider-Man stories can be expected. Next Sunday’s final panel will tell the tale.



That’s a busy opening panel.

Much as I have been enjoying the current Prince Valiant,
I am really hoping this is leading Val into a solo adventure in one of those fabled Lost Worlds.



Saving the best for last. My favorite Sunday strip today. It’s comic strip noir!

This Dick Tracy page is wonderful writing and art. Just all kinds of great.





One thought on “Bastille Day Sunday Funnies

  1. All kinds of great? The day after closing out an Annie and B.B.Eyes arc, (with potential for more as Daddy W. keeps secrets), they start a new story with Dick Tracy getting shot down in the street? (and a rainy street at that) I’d call that all kinds of OH NO!!

    And there are two more issues before MAD potrzebies off into the sunset, one of which is still WIP, so we’ll see some more Usual Idiocy before it’s over (and I have the dubious honor of being the only person I know with a current subscription to the greatest publication ever). So don’t put it all in the past. I , for one, believe that Al Jaffe’s “Fold-Ins” would be the greatest thing to sell to newspaper syndicates… because you can’t fold a webcomic.

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