CSotD: The Comic Weekly Man

Start your Sunday, (Well, if “your” Sunday is August 6, 1950) with some donuts, orange juice and Puck, The Comic Weekly, a pre-printed selection of Sunday funnies distributed to papers across the country.

Can’t read them to yourself? No problem! Just tune in your radio to “The Comic Weekly Man” and let him read them to you!

The Comic Weekly Man ran from 1947 to 1954, so this is pretty much in the middle of his run. (You’ll see that he doesn’t read them all, but you can go back and read those for yourself!)

Click on the link here, but then, once the audio begins, come back and read along!

(Editor’s note: Do the characters in this Frostee add look familiar? They should!)

Your Moment of Zen today is Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who read the comics to kids in 1945 during the newspaper strike, two years before “The Comic Weekly Man” went on the air.