Daily Comics in B&W!!?? Paper Apologizes


A sure sign of the Apocalypse.

The Orlando Sentinel published black-and-white comics Wednesday morning.

I wish I had a simple explanation for why our comics appeared in black and white today. The simple answer is it was a mistake. The complicated one that that the page was set “as full color enhanced black, meaning all the text and images were all 100% for each color.”

In non-press-room speak, it means if we published it that way, it would be basically unreadable. The deadline decision was made to go with black and white.

Our apology for the mistake. We are working to assure it doesn’t happen again.

John Cutter is the director of content for operations and standards and writes the Inside the Newsroom column.

Sorry John, that just won’t do.
Heads must roll over this abomination.




3 thoughts on “Daily Comics in B&W!!?? Paper Apologizes

  1. I’m not a fan of color daily comics. I prefer traditional pen & ink (with a dash of zip-a-tone)

  2. The bigger abomination is that there are newspapers still running Peanuts reruns in the year 2019

  3. The Kenosha News used to run their weekday comics in color, but now that the Sunday comics are printed jointly for it and the Racine Journal Times, their daily comic pages are the same also, no color.

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