Ask a Portly Syndicate Person – New GoComics Entry


GoComics has high hopes for its newest feature.

Currently online-only, Ask A Portly Syndicate Person will, no doubt, soon be syndicated to thousands of newspapers and church bulletins around the world, and quickly shame the circulation numbers of Garfield, Blondie, and Peanuts. This will feature is expected to reach the pinochle of success.


Below: the second (July 9) installment

The feature is exactly as the title states. J. Francis Glynn will answer your questions [Will AMU include the cartoonists chained in their dungeons below 1130 Walnut St. in the 2020 Census?] about comics in a semi-serious, and more or less honest, fashion.


As J Francis states on the “About” page:

I am here to pull the curtain back. I’m here to show you what those suits on the 6th floor here (and in those big NYC media conglomerates) don’t want you to see. I am here to turn the spotlight on those morally questionable wolves who do their best work in the shadows. Wolves who pull the strings on us marionette writers. Wolves who insert their hands into our puppet cartoonist friends.


* This is a parody account and all information and opinions given in this feature are for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. The views expressed and the irresponsible and immature statements made are not reflective of Andrews McMeel Universal, its Vice Chairman John Glynn, and the awful suits on the 6th floor. (Vice Chairman? Really?)


Finally: J. Francis Glynn has some connection to Andrews McMeel Universal which has some connection to The Daily Cartoonist which has some connection to this guy holding an exacto blade to my throat forcing me to post this.