The Future of The Nib, Again

It was reported Friday that First Look Media made the decision to end funding for The Nib along with shuttering the web magazine at the end of July. That is true and something that I’ve been dealing with the results of for a few weeks now.

That leaves me writing yet another post on Medium (heh) [ed. note: Medium was a past platform for The Nib] about what the future of The Nib will look like.

First Look is working with me to return the publication to my control, preserve the work published online, and allow me to continue the publication on my own.

Matt Bors continues to inform us as to the future of The Nib.

As Matt mentioned The Nib is a web-based graphic journalism operation,

but it also goes old school and has print editions:

The Nib Magazine Issue One: Death and The Nib Magazine Issue Two: Family

The Nib Magazine Issue Three: Empire and The Nib Magazine Issue Four: Scams

The magazine (bookazine?) is also available through your Local Comic Book Shop,

which is where I recently picked up my Issue #3 and dropped off my order for Issue #4.