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Happy 95th Frank Bolle


Wishing Frank Bolle a Happy 95th and hoping he is well.

Over decades Frank has given us so much:

Debbie Deere


Encyclopedia Brown


Best Seller Showcase


Children’s Tales


Plus Frank did, assisted on, or ghosted The Girls of Apartment 3-G, Rip Kirby Winnie Winkle, Annie, Prince Valiant, The Heart of Juliet Jones, Annie, Mary Perkins On Stage, Gil Thorp, Alexander Gate, Tarzan, and probably more.


And then there was decades of comic books!

Always enjoyed seeing that “FWB” snuck into the splash pages.
Happy Birthday Frank, and thanks.






Community Comments

#1 Ignatz
@ 4:16 am

The first book I think I ever owned was a children’s book telling the nativity story named “Glory to God.” My parents gave it to me when I was 3 years old. I still have it, and I recently took it down from the shelf and looked through it. And noticed (for the first time) that the title page said “Illustrations by Frank Bolle.” The man’s pictures have been with me my whole life.

#2 Katherine Collins
@ 4:03 pm

When did Bolle work on Prince Valiant? And what did he do? If anyone has that info, I would appreciate knowing. Thank you!

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 5:23 pm

My notes say Bolle did the layouts on Prince Valiant for John Cullen Murphy from 1996 to the end of Murphy’s run on the strip (March 2004). Others say Bolle did the pencils on the strip from 1996 to the end of 2003 (maybe Gianni took over then?).
My notes include research among Frank’s duties – son/writer Cullen Murphy did like his historical pieces.

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