Drawn and Quartered by Peter Noonan Returns

With a new United States Presidential election round coming up, artist and illustrator Peter Noonan has decided to return to editorial cartooning for Manchester Ink Link after a three year hiatus.

Here at the Manchester Ink Link, we’ll make certain to promote political art in American life and the celebration of free speech and a free press as essential to a healthy democracy. The fact that New Hampshire is the political center of the universe for the 2020 Primary practically demands it.

And so we are bringing back Drawn and Quartered, a series of political cartoons by Manchester artist Peter Noonan, where no candidate is off limits.

Kicking things off: “Donald Trump Visits the Queen in Britain.”

The Manchester Ink Link announcement.



An archive of Peter’s Drawn and Quartered cartoons from the last presidential cycle is available.



below: a Peter Noonan illustration



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  1. There’s been sooooo much more in the past 3 years, I’d totally forgotten about two Corinthians. Thanks.

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