Frank Jacobs Joins the Senior Strippers Club

Let me begin by apologizing to Mr. Jacobs for being a day late.


above: birthday greeting from MAD Magazine


From 1957 to 2007 (and occasionally since) Frank Jacobs was a major contributor to MAD Magazine;
and he didn’t just ease in, he jumped in with five articles in his first issue.



Frank was an all-round humorist,
but it was his ability to mix rhyme and satire that brought him the most fame.


My three favorite lyricists in the world are probably Johnny Mercer, Stephen Sondheim and Frank Jacobs. For over fifty years (that is not an overestimate) Frank Jacobs has been one of the most prolific writers for MAD and while everything he does for them is great, I have a special fondness for his poems and song parodies.

Fellow writer Mark Evanier has some praise for Frank Jacobs.


From 2010 to 2014 Running Press issued a series of MAD’s Greatest Artists books;
in 2015 the one writer they were most assured of was Frank,
so MAD’s Greatest Writers: Frank Jacobs was published.

Frank Jacobs is the great MAD writer whose greatest work from over 50 years at the magazine is reprinted in a sturdy, hardcover, coffee-table sized book with thick silky pages. Jacobs is the obvious place to start because, with work in more than 300 MAD issues and over 575 individual credits to his name, he has the distinction of contributing more to the magazine than any other writer or artist.


So a day late, but with no shortage of admiration,
we wish Frank Jacobs a Happy 90th Birthday (born May 30, 1929)
and welcome Frank as a member of the Senior Strippers.,



hat tip to Doug Gilford’s MAD site, where most of the images come from.