Kenosha News Relents, Edison Lee Returns


The Kenosha News and The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee are together again!


A comment on John Hambrock’s Facebook page yesterday broke the news.

From Kenosha News editor Bob Heisse dated May 7:

Thanks for your note. Edison Lee will be back in the paper as early as Thursday. Kenisha News readers did not rank it in the top 10, which is what we selected. Feedback is bringing it back.


That was confirmed today in a response to Mike Peterson’s column yesterday:

From Mark Johnson:

I contacted the Kenosha News today to complain about the removal of Edison Lee and was told they were bringing it back perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

They had 2000 responses to a survey, a fraction of the subscribers to be sure. I was probably not the only one to complain. I don’t carry that kind of weight.


To paraphrase editor Heisse: FEEDBACK WORKS!


Hat tip to Mike Peterson for the heads up.



Anne Hambrock reports (in the comments section) that The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee returned to the Kenosha News of Friday May 10, but not on the comics page.

As of last Friday the Edison comic strip was returned to the Kenosha News – this was DIRECTLY the result of all your feedback for which John and I are extremely grateful.

…the feature is not on the comics page but in another part of the newspaper with the crossword and other puzzles. This is now also where it will be on Sundays so the strip will be 100 percent in black and white for Kenosha readers from now on.