The Pre-Reubens Weekend Weekend


Next week is the NCSFest highlighted by The Reuben Dinner.
The Huntington Beach Art Center is starting a wee bit earlier.

Public Opening Reception: May 11th | 6–9pm
Festival: NCSFest: May 17th–19th |
Art for Lunch: May 23rd | 11:30am–1:30pm

Three free major exhibitions demonstrate the incredible range of comic art. Thought-provoking, fascinating and funny, these exhibitions will prove that there’s more to comics than just superheroes.

The Wonderful World of Comics will be exhibiting 90 Years of Popeye, showcasing art and artifacts from nearly a century of the beloved sailor man; Hero(ine)s, a new exhibition reimagining classic comic characters as female icons; and Playing for a Draw, celebrating the history and creativity of soccer comics and illustration across the world.

There will also be a series of exhibition-related events at the Arts Center throughout the weekend including signing sessions and a free, exclusive caricature masterclass with top MAD Magazine cartoonist, Tom Richmond.


If you get to the NCSFest a little early, check out the exhibit.
But not too early they still might be setting things up.