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Recently, I heard Matthew Diffee describe his descent into cartooning on the Moth, and, while I was tempted to pass it on right away, I already knew that I had a 7:10 morning flight coming up in a few days and that there was no way I’d get a blog written and posted plus make that flight.

So instead of posting it right away like a responsible comics journalist and a good guy, I stashed it away until now. We’ll return to our normal programming tomorrow.



Here’s a picture of him with George Booth, which will at some point become relevant (but only if you listen to his Moth presentation).

And here are three of his cartoons in case you are not a New Yorker reader:




And here is his Moth presentation, which I hope you have not heard in the time I have been hiding it, though it’s worth a second listen:


Hearing him on the Moth reminded me of a hilarious Moth piece by Hilary Price, another very good cartoonist, and so, in case you are not a reader of Rhymes With Orange, here are three of my favorite RWO strips:




(The above cartoon came from an interview we did at her 2009 Open Studio)

And here is her Moth piece:

You should play the videos.

And I should go catch a plane.