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Gahan Wilson is Suffering from Advanced Dementia


Gahan Wilson‘s stepson, Paul Winters, is releasing the information on Gahan’s Facebook page:

Sad news. Gahan’s wife of 53 years, Nancy Winters, passed away March 2, 2019.

More sad news is that Gahan is suffering from advanced dementia. We were keeping his condition private for many reasons.

My mother, his wife, was his rock and his guide through the world. With her passing, he is lost and devastated.

We must raise some immediate funds to find him some memory care until we can set him up at our new place in New Mexico.

We have set up a gofundme for Gahan if any one wants to help out. Memory care is crazy expensive and if we could pay for it ourselves, we would do so.

From the gofundme page:

Gahan and my mother had been residing in an assisted living facility in Arizona. With my mother’s passing, the facility is about to discharge him. We must find him a memory care facility immediately.

My wife and I found a ranch in New Mexico. We were to all move there at the end of March, 2019. We had selected a ranch with lots of acres,  a beautiful home and a casita “guest house”. The plan was to have my mother and Gahan get set up at an assisted living facility and  spend some time there and the rest with us at the ranch.

We are still going to the ranch, where we will spread my mother’s ashes. Gahan will be in our care at the casita, and we will also find him a memory care unit in Santa Fe since he also needs daily medical care.

Gahan and my mother did not save for anything like this. We are asking his fans to help us, help Gahan.

That’s what this is all about. Making the rest of Gahan’s days as wonderful as they can be.

I know this is a sad story, but it is only the end of the story that is sad. My mother lived a wonderful, full, life. She was a published novelist, she wrote articles in too many magazines to mention. Gahan, of course, is one of the greatest cartoonists to have ever picked up a pen.




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