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Don Asmussen Health – Update


Don Asmussen has updated his status.

On Twitter:

Update: I’ve got cancer. My S.F. Chronicle bosses have been great and very supportive as I work my way back. It has spread to my organs, including my brain (my very worst organ, as most of you know). I had brain surgery last November, and now have some new lesions. Wish me luck!

On Facebook:

I’ve been out from work for a long time, since late October. I’ve got cancer. My S.F. Chronicle bosses have been great and very supportive as I work my way back. They have shown wonderful patience with me (Thank God). It has spread to my organs, including my brain (my very worst organ, as most of you know). I’m going through Laser Knife technology surgery at Kaiser to remove these latest brain lesions (after already having had brain surgery last November). I lost the sense on my entire right side of my body and have had to learn to walk (and draw) again — so not much Facebook posting except for “3 Years Ago” (yeah, pathetic) cartoons lately. I’m sort of the John McCain of cartooning right now (I guess), except Lindsey Graham will inevitably turn on me and again praise Trump (the worst person in the world, as most of us with good parenting know). Fuck Lindsey Graham (and Trump).
Anyway, my friend/author Mary Ladd is crowd-funding a humorous cancer recovery book called “The Wig Diaries,” which is one of the last times I actually “cartooned” last year, providing the cover and inside illustrations for Mary’s goofy cancer stories. Laugh or sob, it’s up to you. Life is like a John Irving book.
Help Mary out.
Yes, I am guilting you, using cancer as a weapon. Do the right thing, unlike Lindsey Graham.
P.S. No sympathetic comments, please. Only abuse.
It’s more fun.

The Wig Diaries by Mary Ladd, with Don Asmussen




original December 13, 2018 post:

Don Asmussen Health Puts Bad Reporter On Hold


Bad Reporter has been in rerun status lately as cartoonist Don Asmussen fights health problems.

From his Facebook page comes the news that Don has recently had surgery for a brain tumor.

Even worse is a Lewiston Tribune note that the tumor may be malignant:

In case you missed it, we ran a note explaining that the comic’s creator, Dan(sic) Asmussen, was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has taken a break to devote his energies to his health and hopes to eventually return. Until then, his absurd and funny perspective on current events and politics will be missed.

We wish the very best for Don and await his return to the Bad Reporter comic strip and cartooning.


As a resident of Central California I was privileged to experience the early genius of Don with his “San Francisco Comic Strip” in the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle.

In 1996 the Republican Presidential Convention was held in California and the best reporting was The Examiner sending Don to cover it. His brilliant “Republican Convention Comic Strip” was hilarious.

Ted Rall’s great Attitude trilogy interviewed Don early on in his career
(scroll down one page to start).

As a fan I hope for Don’s full recovery and quick return.







Community Comments

#1 Mike Peterson
@ 5:18 pm

Well, that’s no good. I’ve often saluted Don for hitting three at a time, no small feat.

As a cancer survivor, I’ll just cross my fingers and wait until he’s better. Because fuckit.

#2 Pett joel
@ 8:00 am

Wtf? Like I need ONE more pal to worry about??? Worry is stressful and unhealthy and can contribute to a host of ailments, including hammer-hoids (sic) psyatica (suck) and restless libido syndrome (dang)

As our great leader might ask:”what’s in it for me?”

#3 Barbara Attard
@ 1:21 pm

Miss you Don. Your wild sense of humour keeps me going. Get well soon!

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