Happy 90th Arnold Roth

Join us in wishing Arnold Roth a Happy Birthday!
Born February 25, 1929 he becomes a member of our Senior Strippers Club (90+).

The Reuben Award winner (and about a dozen other National Cartoonists Society divisional awards) and Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame member is a giant of the craft.
Here, from Lambiek, is only a portion of his accomplishments:

His cartoons have appeared in nearly every major magazine in the US since 1951. He began working for Playboy in the late 1950s, and stayed throughout the following decades, with his late 1970s feature ‘An Illustrated History of Sex’ being one of the highlights. Roth has made covers for The New Yorker, and illustrations for TV Guide, Sports Illustrated and Esquire. He worked regularly for Harvey Kurtzman’s satirical magazines Trump, Humbug and Help, and his art appeared in the early issues of National Lampoon (1970-1972).


Arnold did far more than just contribute comics to Humbug


More from Lambiek:

He also had a syndicated comic strip called ‘Poor Arnold’s Almanac’, in which the cartoonist delved into a different subject every week. It originally ran as a Sunday feature through the New York Herald Tribune Syndicate from 1959 to 1961, and reappeared as a daily through Creators Syndicate in 1989-1990. Roth’s work has been exhibited throughout the US and Europe, and he has made illustrations for advertisements, books and jazz and folk album covers (a.o. Dave Brubeck).

via Drew Friedman –  Arnold’s music album covers


They all mention A Comick Book of Pets, but I fondly recall Arnold’s A Comick Book of Sports (1974)


Here is a three-part interview from ten years ago (hat tip: The Wayback Machine).


Ger Apeldoorn gifts us with some Poor Arnold’s Almanac


The four-page Arnold Roth’s Silent Pictures Presents A Christmas Tale (courtesy The Billy Ireland).


Arnold Roth at Saturday’s birthday party hosted by The Society of Illustrators & Manhattan NCS

More Arnold at arnoldroth.com.