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While I have long thought “Mallard Fillmore” to be not funny and in poor taste, the Feb. 2 strip surpasses all previous ones: “Not ‘Congresspersons.’ It’s ‘Persons of Congress.'”

Besides the fact that I have never heard of the new term for our representatives, it would be abbreviated POC, which is a term I have heard of. POC stands for “persons of color.” It appears to be a racial jab at the number of people recently elected who are not white.

above: the Mallard Fillmore by Bruce Tinsley under discussion


I am not a conservative, a Republican or a fan of Donald Trump, but the letter to the editor in the Feb. 6 Missoulian demanding that the comic strip “Mallard Fillmore” be purged because of its use of the term, “persons of Congress,” further reinforces my belief that if liberals ever gain complete control of this country they will turn it into a thought-controlled, speech-controlled, fascist hell.




Predictably, our willfully ignorant science-denying president was quick to tweet about the recent cold snap and the “hoax” of global warming…Even cartoons should adhere to scientific facts. The Opinion page is a place for people to express opinions. It’s not a place for cartoons that deny scientific fact.

Henry Payne cartoon



Steve’s a Regular Here

Today’s (A-J, Feb. 1) editorial cartoon about abortion was offensive, insensitive and unnecessarily vicious…

The cartoonist’s abrasive portrayal of someone touching a woman’s pregnant body and using the phrase “decision date” is designed to appeal to a segment of us who have a specific view of women’s health rights. I suspect he was successful in reaching that audience. What about the rest of us who are disgusted, offended and disillusioned by the decision of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal editorial staff to run this cartoon?

Steve Kelley cartoon



Michael is Back Too

The title carries a fake news feel I haven’t noticed in this paper before. The righthand box should have had President Donald Trump as well.

It is our prez who decided, chose and implemented the shutdown. It is also he who has invented a “warlike” crisis at the border. He and many others are responsible for the continuing fight about that wall.

Michael Ramirez cartoon



Editors Know Things

Sometimes a newspaper refuses to run a cartoon by their staff cartoonist.
That happened recently with Terry Mosher aka Aislin.
As he describes it on his Facebook page:

Last Thursday, I drew a strong cartoon on what I consider to be the questionable policies of the current Quebec government towards immigrants. The Gazette politely declined from printing the cartoon as is their right and part of our agreement. In fact, I am now happy that the Gazette chose not to print the cartoon. I had gone over the top with hyperbolic reference being made to the KKK in the cartoon.

above: the rejected Aislin cartoon

Continuing on Facebook:

I then posted the rejected cartoon of Facebook and Twitter for discussion as I always do. The first remarks were mixed —and even heated—but polite, as they usually are. However, then quite vile responses started coming my way—a whole bunch of them in fact —even including some death threats. (None of these came from my regular Facebook friends.) Because of some prohibited language, being used, Facebook eliminated the post on its own initiative. (I didn’t know that they could do that.) Since then, the cartoon has been eliminated from other platforms and is no longer available.

We do kick hornet’s nests from time to time in my racket!

Aislin’s Facebook post.

A six minute CBC Radio interview with an understanding Aislin about the Montreal Gazette rejecting the cartoon. Interview done before the Facebook dustup.


Aislin did get support from Michel Garnotte




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  1. The “Point”is correct. It’s obviously a reference to “Colored People”=”People of Color.” Which really is scraping bottom, even for Tinsley.

  2. And Trump’s repeated statements ahead of his shutdown that he would take full responsibility, bear the mantle, blah blah blah, all flushed down the memory hole the second he points his stubby finger of blame at someone else.

    Ramirez has earned his biscuit for the day.

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