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Meanwhile…Elsewhere in Comics Land


Seems cartoonist Jerry King has a new gig.

The Fast Lane Truck site is enjoying Jerry’s humor.



Coloring Camouflage

I had a bit of a breakthrough when coloring this one. Initially, I tried to fill in the individual areas on each item of camouflage clothing with different colors, which quickly became overwhelming.

While coloring the above daily Bizarro panel earlier this month (or late last year, whatever) Wayno had an epiphany. He explains it halfway into his weekly blog.




Lynda Barry‘s Lifetime of Achievement -A recent profile of Lynda.



Barbara Shermund Burial Fund

The Fund to Bury cartoonist Barbara Shermund, 40 years after her death, is still a couple thousand dollars short.



The Future According to Aragonés

SYFY Wire gives us an exclusive look at A MAD Look at The Future by Sergio Aragonés.
Issue #6 still edited by Bill Morrison.



Cartoonist Takes on the World

“Generally, I walk around the house trying to think of something funny. Then I have a nap. Then I bang my head against the wall. Once I think I’ve come up with something, I begin to sketch it out. About halfway through the process I realise it isn’t that funny after all and start over again.”

A John Atkinson Gallery



“I call myself a cartoonist and illustrator.”

“I make a weekly cartoon about literature for the Guardian Review and a weekly cartoon about science for New Scientist.”
‘The rest of the time I make illustrations, occasional New Yorker covers, other comics and sometimes graphic novels.”

An interview with Tom Gauld.



The Fanatic is Coming!

The Fanatic, a new twice a month newsletter that will highlight PW’s broad coverage of comics and pop culture, will launch Wednesday February 6.
Sign up for the newsletter. Give it a shot, they’re not letting me sign up. See if it works for you.





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