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Rosy’s Diner Closes

Charlie Daniel’s Sunday comic panel has ended.

Rosy’s Diner
by Charlie Daniel
2006(?) – February 3, 2019*
weekly (Sunday) panel
Knoxville News Sentinel

*I’m not sure if the February 3, 2019 issue appeared in the print Knoxville News Sentinel or is web-only.

Sussed from various articles it seems that the concept and characters of Rosy’s Diner first appeared in Charlie Daniel’s Knoxville News Sentinel editorial cartoons in 2006. By late 2006 he was doing the panel as a (more or less) weekly feature.

“In 2006, he launched a weekly comic strip, ‘Rosy’s Diner,’ done in addition to his daily political cartoons.” (Knoxville News Sentinel 7/29/18)

In 2007 it became a regular Sunday feature.

“In 2007, Daniel took an occasional setting of his cartoons — Rosy’s Diner — and turned it into a weekly strip that appeared at the top of the News Sentinel’s Sunday Perspective section.

‘Rosy’s Diner’ — where the one rule of civility was “No Hat No Service” — captured the spirit of everyday life in Knoxville.” (Knoxville News Sentinel 1/24/19)

It seems that April 22, 2007 is the date when Rosy’s Diner started its regular Sunday run. Prior to that it was running irregularly during the weekdays – January 10, February 8, March 29, April 5, April 12 (Jan. 10 is a Wednesday, the rest Thursdays). (rec.arts.comics.strips)

Early on in the run Charlie put a calendar on the wall of the diner identifying the date.

Eventually, during a 2011 recipe contest, Rosy put vegetables on the menu.


I don’t know of any Rosy’s Diner archive other than the AAEC Daniel page having the last several mixed in with Charlie’s editorial cartoons.






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#1 Marshall Ramsey
@ 12:17 pm

Sadly, the building’s owner didn’t renew the lease (even though it was one of the most popular spots in town.)

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