Post-Gazette Cartoonist Accused of Sexism


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Steve Kelley is facing accusations of sexism after two cartoons in a row could be interpreted as portraying women as gold diggers.

January 13, 2019 cartoon

The Pittsburgh City Paper has taken the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Steve Kelly to task for the cartoons:

For the past two days, Pittsburgh readers looking for some biting satire and political laughs in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette were treated to some tone-deaf sexism instead.

Two political cartoons illustrated by cartoonist Steve Kelley attempt to joke about gender relations, one actually drawing from headlines about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ divorce.

The City Paper said the January 13 cartoon

was apropos of no recent news event, so readers will just have to guess what it was attempting to skewer. Even so, Pittsburgh’s readers weren’t pleased…

The next day, the paper printed another sexist cartoon…Readers condemned this cartoon for being “sexist” and “misogynistic.”

January 14, 2019 cartoon

The Pittsburgh City Paper article with various tweeters taking umbrage.
According to the City Paper the Post-Gazette had no response to the story.

It wasn’t just Pittsburghers and Post-Gazette opposition taking offense.
The Steve Kelley pages on GoComics for January 13 and January 14 got quite a bit of feedback.





2 thoughts on “Post-Gazette Cartoonist Accused of Sexism

  1. whether or not they are sexist, these cartoons are hacky comedy.

    The challenge of modern day editorial cartooning is that unless you are really quick, someone has already tweeted or meme’d your first idea.

  2. so hacky. And I’ve never understood how Dustin is so popular. It looks great but the jokes are chicken-broth thin and predictable.

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