Olivia Jaimes: Comics Beat Newcomer of the Year


Heidi MacDonald reports that Olivia Jaimes was voted The (Comics) Beat Newcomer of the Year.

The voting for Comics Industry Person of the Year was a foregone conclusion. As Heidi explains:

The overwhelming choice was the one and only Stan Lee. Although Stan’s passing on November 12th 2018 was fresh on everyone’s mind, his historical stature ensured that his achievements would be honored.

Heidi continues:

Although Stan was the overwhelming pick, one other figure garnered enough support to earn the Comics Industry Person of the Year, Newcomer Edition: Olivia Jaimes. The pseudonym of a person still unidentified, Jaimes trod boldly onto comic book scripture with a re-imagining of the Nancy comic strip that was not just updated but relevant, timely and insightful. She redefined the meaning of legacy comic strips and gave the world of webcomics a jolt as well.

This is remarkable voting for a site that skews toward comic books, not comic strips.

Olivia Jaimes’ self-portrait from The Beat

The Beat announcement of the voting for its Comics Industry Person of the Year,
with Olivia Jaimes’ reaction to winning the award.
Plus other award winners, including the 5,000,000 copy
first printing of Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild.



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